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The car battery is simply indispensable for the functioning of the engine. It forms the power source for not only the starter but also for all other electrical components that need to work even when the engine is not running. Just think of the radio and interior lighting. It is sometimes surprising that such a small battery will have to supply enough electricity for all of that. Fortunately, car manufacturers take everything into account and ensure that the battery supplied can meet the demand. It is therefore also important that the battery is always in a good condition.

A car battery is just as good as the charging system that ensures that the battery is charged. The system must, therefore, be checked on time to ensure that the battery is properly charged and will last for a long time. An uncharged battery will continue to do its job, but will often last less than is usual. The real problem usually starts in the winter months when the battery has to provide the necessary power under difficult conditions. So always make sure to have the whole system checked before winter comes so you won’t be “stranded” somewhere along the road with a defective battery.

Can I check the battery myself?

You can, but be careful…

You need a multimeter for a good check. Only then you can read the voltage well and immediately notice when the charging system no longer functions properly. A good battery will indicate a voltage between 14 and 14.5V for a motor running. Note that it is a 12V battery, but the measured voltage with a good battery should always be larger to ensure that the battery is properly charged. If you notice that the voltage is lower, it is better to have the dynamo checked in our garage.

Before you check the charging voltage, it is a good idea to also take a look at the age of the battery. When purchasing it, the date is always written on a label on the battery. A good battery generally lasts 3 to 4 years. Is your battery already 4 years old or even older, you should take into account that the battery should be replaced. You can also check the level of the battery acid and top up if necessary. This is only possible if the plug tips can be unscrewed. Nowadays most batteries are maintenance-free, which means that refilling is not possible.

These batteries sometimes have a viewing glass at the top where you can see if the battery still has enough liquid. With a green colour, everything is fine, but a red colour indicates that the level is too low and the battery needs to be replaced. Do not, however, rely solely on this type of control because even with a green colour the battery can fail. It can happen that the electrodes of the cells are saturated, or damage has occurred.

After you have checked the battery, it is also a good idea to clean the poles well. They may then look clean, but the thin oxide layer that forms around the lead of the poles ensures that the voltage of the dynamo cannot be delivered to the battery optimally. This way the battery does not charge optimally and the same problem can ensure that the starter motor will not get enough current when the battery is good.

Make sure that there are no unnecessary accessories

If it turns out that the charging voltage is OK and the battery seems to be OK too, there may be an accessory that stays on and thus causes the battery to drain quickly. An old trick that you can use for this is by removing the poles from the well-charged battery and waiting for a while.

Reconnect the battery and check whether the car is rigid. If that is the case, the fault will not lie with the battery, but with a different electrical problem. This is often a job for the specialist, but you can also check for yourself if there is no light that stays on. If not, our mechanic will have to measure everything to see where the "leak" is.

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What we have just described is what you could do - But for your safety, we would like to advise you to come to our Challenger Tyres & Exhausts workshop to get your battery checked professionally.

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