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On this page, we at Challenger Tyres & Exhausts would like to say hello and welcome to our neighbours in Blacker Hill and introduce ourselves to all who have not heard of us before.

We are based in Hoyland, just five minutes away from you. Our company is well-known in the area for its reliable vehicle services and reasonable pricing. We offer a variety of car services to our customers from Blacker Hill and the surrounding areas.

If you need to get your annual service done, want to buy a new car battery, have a light flashing on your car’s dashboard and want to find out what’s causing it, need a repair done, or your wheel alignment checked, you can always come to us.

We are open six days a week.

If you want to buy new tyres, you don’t need to go far either. We have a vast range of tyres available online and at our workshop.

Please have a look at our fantastic website. There you can find and choose tyres in every major size, for every season- and vehicle type. We have all the premium brands available as well as mid-range and quality budget tyres.

You can buy them directly online and book a time for free fitting or home delivery with your order. You can also book most of our other services via our website.

If you need help with your booking or tyre purchase or in case you need our help urgently, please don’t hesitate to call or just come to our workshop directly.

Our team will be happy to assist you.

Vehicle services, repairs and tyres in the Blacker Hill area - Challenger Tyres & Exhausts in Hoyland.