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Electronic diagnosis by professionals – Challenger Tyres & Exhausts in Hoyland.

If the electronics in your car fail or malfunctions are signalled by warning lights in your vehicle's dashboard, our experts can quickly find the error and eliminate it professionally.

Challenger Tyres & Exhausts engine diagnostic means:

  • Professional and systematic troubleshooting
  • Well-trained experts
  • Testing technology and workshop equipment with top quality

We have a lot of know-how on board

If the electronics in your vehicle fail, you can count on the unique know-how of our Challenger Tyres & Exhausts experts. We are regularly undergoing intensive training, and our equipment is always up-to-date. As a result, our specialists know everything about diagnosing and troubleshooting: from battery management and on-board electronics to electronically controlled injection systems or electronically-assisted driver assistance systems.

Networked driving safety

The increasing number of electronic system components and electrical consumers in the car, the repair of a vehicle is also becoming more complicated. Consequently, maintenance of complex onboard electrical systems goes far beyond replacing a defective light bulb or replacing a blown up fuse. Because the multitude of electronic components not only communicate with each other but in some cases only work together. So if one of the components such as a sensor is off, under certain circumstances, the entire electrical system comes to a stand-still. Our Challenger Tyres & Exhausts experts have the unique know-how that they can use at any time for a professional repair of your car.

With new on-board networks into the mobile future

Modern vehicles are increasingly equipped with new assistance and comfort systems. However, these new technologies require significantly more energy than the previous onboard electrical system can provide.

As a result, the current 12-volt onboard systems are reaching their limits. While they provide a supply voltage of a maximum of 3 kilowatts (kW), a large number of consumers in the sum already requires a continuous power of about 800 to 1500 watts - in the top even twice as much. An enormous burden on the electrical system and the components involved therein such. The alternator or the car battery. A possible solution would be the conversion to a new 48-volt electrical system with a connected load of up to 12 kW - when the time comes, the experts in our workshops are well prepared.

This is just one example of what we can do for your vehicle.

So, if you have a light showing on your dashboard or if you are experiencing any problems with your car, please call or come to see us. We will help you.

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