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When a motor runs, it produces heat and exhaust gases. The exhaust carries it neatly outside and away from the car. If the exhaust is not in full working order, you have a problem, not only with the next MOT.

The exhaust is a wear part that can rust. This is usually first occurring at the silencer because the gases have already partly cooled down when reaching there and the most condensation occurs. As a result of the rusting, gaps can eventually occur; then the exhaust starts leaking. You will even be able to hear a different sound coming from the exhaust system. If there are small holes, they can sometimes be welded or smeared with a special type of paste. Furthermore, the suspension rubbers can tear through dehydration, and the suspension brackets can rust. If they fail, the exhaust can break off.

If there is any problem with your vehicle’s exhaust system, please come to us – Challenger Tyres & Exhausts in Hoyland. Our team of experts will take care of everything.

Our services are not restricted to the Hoyland area only. We also provide vehicle services to the surrounding areas like: Tankersley, Birdwell, Worsbrough, Blacker Hill, Jump, Hemingfield, Wombwell, Brampton, Elsecar, Brampton, Bierlow, Hood Hill.

Cheap exhaust repairs in Hoyland, only at Challenger Tyres & Exhausts!

The exhaust system consists of different parts.

The cost of an exhaust part varies strongly per brand and car model.

Before we start working on your car, we will certainly have a good look first in order to give you an accurate, non-obligatory estimate of the costs.

What exactly is an exhaust and what does it do?

The exhaust has multiple functions. It not only serves to exhaust the exhaust gases but also provides sound insulation. The catalyst in the exhaust converts harmful gases into less harmful ones. For Diesel cars, the exhaust also contains a soot filter that collects harmful particles.

What types are there?

The standard exhaust is usually made of aluminised steel. A sports exhaust is often more spacious than a conventional type and therefore allows a little more noise. Because it gives less back pressure, it often provides slightly better performance. A stainless steel exhaust is more expensive than a standard exhaust but lasts much longer.

How do I deal with it and how do I maintain it?

The service life of the exhaust depends strongly on the use of the car. Do you only make short trips? Then it barely gets up to temperature, causing a lot of condensation. And that leads to faster wear caused by rust.

As part our your annual maintenance service or our MOT Preparation service, we always carry out a proper inspection of your car’s exhaust system

This way you can be sure, everything is ok and that your vehicle will pass the MOT test without any problems.

If you are experiencing any problems with your vehicle’s exhaust system right now, please let us know so we can help you quickly.