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Puncture repairs – Hoyland - Challenger Tyres & Exhausts

It is important that your car tyres are always in good condition.

This prevents unsafe situations on the road.

We at Challenger Tyres & Exhausts in Hoyland offer excellent and fast service at a good price.

Damage to your car tyre is annoying, especially if you are on the road. In order to maintain the quality of your tyres, a quick repair is very important. If a sharp object (nail, screw, glass, etc.) has damaged the steel belt, it may be that it will rust. As a result, the adhesion with the rubber mixture will greatly decrease after some time. This can ultimately lead to separation of the tread. With a timely discovery and repair of a leak, your tyre can in many cases be repaired by our specialists.

Tubeless tyres with a steel belt carcass may, for safety reasons, only be repaired when the tyre is off the rim. Only then your Challenger Tyres & Exhausts specialists can completely check the tyre on the inside and outside. Then it can be assessed whether the tyre has suffered any further damage during the leak. This way we make sure that the tyre can be repaired and used safely again. After we have fitted the tyre back on the rim, we certainly balance the wheel again for you.

Most tyre punctures can be repaired, but the tyre may only be repaired in certain places like the centre of the tyre tread.

We do not repair any sidewall damage as it is not safe.

Please note:
  • A car tyre may be repaired a maximum of 3 times
  • The distance between 2 damage must be at least 40 mm
  • If tyre has been repaired with a DIY tyre repair kit before, we cannot repair the tyre again
  • Run-flat tyres have to be replaced as they cannot be repaired

If you have any questions, please get in touch with us.

Please note: We certainly also offer all our vehicle- and tyre services to our valued customers from the surrounding areas like: Tankersley, Birdwell, Worsbrough, Blacker Hill, Jump, Hemingfield, Wombwell, Brampton, Elsecar, Brampton, Bierlow, Hood Hill.